Mustang Field Day
April 23. 2018

Dear SMS Parents and students,

Every year in recent history, students have been treated with a planned field day. I have changed the format for Mustang Field Day. This year, we are working with a group from Radford University to plan field day activities that promote teamwork, collaboration and communication.

The morning activities, called the “Challenge Course”, will be guided by the staff of students from RU Able, an extension of the Parks and Recreation Department of the College of Education and Human Development.

The afternoon activities include grade level competitions from kickball to races, a water balloon toss to a football and soccer kicking competition. Students will be organized into teams that represent each grade level. Each grade level will earn points for their place in the competition with the grade earning the most points receiving a reward at the end of the afternoon.

The purpose of these field day activities is to create a break from the classroom to develop teamwork skills, foster collaboration with peers, and improve communications around a common goal. These activities are for students to experience and skills to improve.

On the reverse side of the parent letter is a parental release for students to participate in the morning activities. Students will participate in a stilt walking exercise where they may be as high as 18” above the ground. Other activities will require groups to communicate with each other to relay ideas and solutions to correctly maneuver courses. Activities will include the use of marshmallows, boards to cross an area and a giant parachute.

Please sign and date the release form and return to school by Friday morning, April 25‚Äč. Thank you for allowing your child to fully participate.

Andrew Hipple, Principal

Locate the release form here